27 Jul 2012

A Woman’s Life after Divorce When She’s Been a Stay-at-Home Mom

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Many women have made the decision to forgo a career and dedicate their time and energy to taking care of their children. A stay-at-home mom has a very important job of raising her family, but unfortunately, after a divorce this type of job won’t pay the bills.

In cases where a woman has been unemployed for an extended time to take care of her family, she may find it hard to reenter the workforce. Without an employment history, you may find it difficult to show experience relevant to a new job. You also may have to make decisions on child care should you need to take on a paying job to support your children.

Your Memphis divorce attorney is no stranger to these kinds of situations, and when your attorney is attuned to the unique needs and concerns of women in the divorce process, he or she will do what’s best for your situation. You may be able to seek higher spousal and child support payments to cover the loss of financial support when your ex-husband’s income is no longer supporting your household.

The courts try to recognize the special circumstances a stay-at-home mom may face following a divorce, but it is not guaranteed your rights will be supported in your divorce settlement. By working with a Memphis divorce attorney, you can have a friendly face on your side to help you make sure you’ve secured a fair settlement to provide for your family’s future.

A woman’s concerns after a divorce can be very different from a man’s concerns, and your attorney should be aware of these differences. Make sure you’re working with a Memphis divorce attorney that you feel comfortable with before beginning the divorce process.

Work with a Memphis Divorce Attorney Who Understands Women’s Needs

Not all attorneys are as focused on the unique needs each gender has in a divorce case. You deserve to work with a Memphis divorce attorney who understands the difference between what a woman and a man may be going through during divorce.

At the Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC, our team is here to help you and your family through the divorce process with the highest respect and care. Our attorneys are professionals in both Tennessee family law and forensic accounting. We focus on both the emotional and financial burdens you may face during this time, and we help ease the stress on your personal life. To schedule a confidential consultation, contact our office at 901-683-1850.

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Memphis divorce and family lawyer, Miles Mason, Sr. is the founder of Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC. For more information about our professional staff, see our Meet the Team page.


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