Divorcing TN Husband Entitled to Keep Personal Injury Settlement

Tennessee law case summary on separate property in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Melinda Jan Metzinger v. Ronald Wayne Metzinger – Tennessee divorce classification – separate property Melinda and Ronald Metziner were married in 2004.  The husband was an over the road truck driver, and was injured when a drunk driver.. read more →

TN Dad Must Pay Child Support After Lost Job from Criminal Act

Tennessee child support law case law summary on imputed income and unemployment from the Court of Appeals. Kimberly Meeks v. Bryant Leo Meeks – Tennessee divorce child support modification. Kimberly and Bryant Meeks were married and divorced when they remarried in 2010.  In 2011, however, they were divorced a second time in Montgomery County, Tennessee. .. read more →

TN Wife Awarded $7,500 Alimony per mo. from Surgeon

Tennessee alimony law case summary following 29 years of marriage. Divorce and alimony law from the Court of Appeals. Mary Ann Layman v. Thomas Stuart Layman – Tennessee divorce alimony 29 years. Mary Ann and Thomas Layman were high school sweethearts and married in 1983.  They both earned degrees from Tennessee Wesleyan College.  After college,.. read more →

Internet Love: Online Dating May Result in Fewer Tennessee Divorces

Although online dating and internet love can lead to Tennessee divorce, a few statistics are still surprising. So many Tennesseans are using online dating services today. It may be difficult for some to imagine (or recollect) what previous generations did to meet, mingle, and become engaged to marry. Mystery and intrigue are far from absent… read more →

TN Doctor’s Wife Entitled to $4,500/Mo. Alimony After 19 Yrs.

Tennessee law case summary on alimony in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals after a 19 year marriage. Jim Najim Jirjis v. Tammy Sue Jirjis – Tennessee divorce alimony following 19 years married. Jim Najim Jirjis and Tammy Sue Jirjis were married in 1993, shortly after the husband had earned his medical.. read more →

Home-schooling TN Mom Held Voluntarily Unemployed

Tennessee child support law case law summary on voluntary unemployment from the Court of Appeals. Carl Scott Blankenship v. Amy Lynn Cox  – Tennessee voluntary unemployment for child support Amy Cox and Carl Blankenship were divorced in 2000, and the mother was granted custody of the four children.  They returned to court many times as.. read more →

TN Parent Relocation Decision Must Include Best Interests

Tennessee law case summary on parent relocation family law from the Court of Appeals. Cassidy Aragon v. Reynaldo Aragon  – Tennessee parent relocation law Cassidy  and Reynaldo Aragon  were married in 2006 and had one daughter, who was born in 2007.  They divorced in 2010, and a parenting plan specified that each parent would spend.. read more →

Modern Day Hatfields and McCoys Go To Court

Tennessee law case summary on contempt in family law from the Court of Appeals. In re: Anna L.J.  – Tennessee contempt and evidence law In 2011, Robert and Sabrina Jackson went to court in Williamson County to file a petition declaring that Anna Johnson was dependent and neglected.  Anna was the daughter of Dennis and.. read more →

Dentist Must Pay Alimony But Wins Lower Dental Practice Value

Tennessee law case summary on dental practice valuation and alimony in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. LeAnn Barnes v. David Ellett Barnes – Tennessee divorce business valuation dental practice, alimony. LeAnn and David Barnes were married in 1984, after the wife had graduated from nursing school and while the husband continued.. read more →

Older Ladies, Cheating, and Several Shades of Gray in TN Divorce

With our graying U.S. population, an increase in Tennessee divorce among Baby Boomers is not entirely surprising given the conception and birth rate following the close of WWII. ‘My Hair is Gray and I Like It That Way’ Donnalou Stevens’ recent YouTube music video – Older Ladies – may be humorously memorable, but it does.. read more →