When Is Tennessee Retroactive Child Support Owed?

Retroactive child support is often a contentious point between divorcing Tennessee parents and may involve a substantial amount of money. The recipient-parent who was the primary caregiver is compensated to some degree, but not in the way of profit. Looking at the financial situation more broadly, retroactive support benefits the entire household, in addition to.. read more →

Divorcing the Control Freak

If you are living with a control freak, chances are you already know it. Your spouse’s “my way or the highway” attitude may be causing conflict in the marriage, but it doesn’t stop there. Attempting to cut loose from the control freak often elevates conflict in the Tennessee divorce. Two Celebrity Examples of “My Spouse.. read more →

TN Parenting Time: Are You Raising Your Children To Be Leaders?

Are parents doing their best to teach important lessons during Tennessee parenting time? Do well-meaning adults behave in ways that interfere with youth leadership development? Are Tennesseans teaching their kids the skills they need to be leaders? Not every child will seek elected office or run a Fortune 500 company. But most will find themselves.. read more →

Does Child Support Continue Through College in Tennessee?

Understandably, with a pending Tennessee divorce or legal separation involving minor children, parents want to know if child support will continue through college. My answer is “Yes” and “No.” Every calculation of child support begins with application of the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines to the income facts of the case. The guidelines are used to.. read more →

Do You Know How To Ask for a Tennessee Prenup?

“Of course I love you, but I have this prenup for you to sign…” There may not be an easy way to approach that first conversation about a Tennessee prenuptial agreement, but there are certainly a few poor ways to go about it. But We’re Getting Married Tomorrow! You are engaged and getting married soon… read more →

Memphis Divorce Recovery Classes | Getting Over Your Ex and Moving On

Have you considered joining a Memphis divorce recovery class or group? Every spouse or ex-spouse should at least think about participating in some type of Tennessee divorce recovery class, group, or program. Why? Because life after divorce is quite different than life while married, and the transition from one world to the next is seldom.. read more →

5 Leading Causes of Divorce in Tennessee

Just as hindsight is 20-20, former-spouses reflecting on the reasons why their marriages ended in divorce often share similar scenarios. Some say they married too young. Others escaped domestic violence or abuse. Still others were unable to recover from the behavioral patterns that diminished their relationship. Although not a statistical analysis, we do see commonalities.. read more →

Getting a Divorce? Read This First!

If you’re in Tennessee and contemplating divorce, there are a few things you might want to consider in order to completely… Avoid Tennessee Divorce Disasters After the divorce is final, there is only so much that can be done to correct mistakes, errors in judgment, and gross misunderstandings. For example, with: Property Division: A division.. read more →

“Go To” Single Malt Whiskies by Miles Mason, Sr. February 2014

As a Memphis divorce lawyer, I advise clients who are divorcing to limit alcoholic drinking consumption to one per night.  We advise some parents going through divorce to not drink at all and remove all alcohol from the home entirely.  In any event, always drink responsibly. This post is for friends and colleagues who have.. read more →

Parenting Plan Determinations Require Entire Relevant Time Period Be Considered

Tennessee law case summary on custody and jurisdiction in family law from the Court of Appeals. Ramon Williams v. Dana Randolph – Tennessee custody and family law The father and mother were the parents of a daughter.  The father was an engineer with Tennessee Valley Authority and lived in Cleveland, Tennessee, and the mother worked for Ranstad Technologies.. read more →