“Go To” Single Malt Whiskies by Miles Mason, Sr. February 2014

As a Memphis divorce lawyer, I advise clients who are divorcing to limit alcoholic drinking consumption to one per night.  We advise some parents going through divorce to not drink at all and remove all alcohol from the home entirely.  In any event, always drink responsibly. This post is for friends and colleagues who have.. read more →

Mercer’s New Book: Buy-Sell Agreements for Baby Boomer Business Owners

Chris Mercer Has a New Kindle e-Book Z. Christopher Mercer, CEO of Mercer Capital and a leading authority on buy-sell agreements from business and valuation perspectives – available now on Amazon Kindle:  Buy-Sell Agreements for Baby Boomer Business Owners. Buy-sell agreements are not merely legal documents to be signed and forgotten. If you are a.. read more →

Jeanne M. Hannah’s Blog Has Great Tips on Issuing Subpoenas in Divorce

A while back, I ran across Jeanne M. Hannah’s blog in a list of the best family law blogs in America. I think it’s outstanding. I try to visit her site at least once a month.  Here are some helpful blog posts regarding issuing subpoenas for records from phone companies, ISPs etc.  Even for experienced family lawyers, issuing subpoenas can be a.. read more →

Divorce: Think Financially, Not Emotionally by Landers Now Available

Jeffrey A. Landers has a new book recently published on Amazon.com.  I recommend: Divorce: Think Financially, Not Emotionally: What Women Need To Know About Securing Their Financial Future Before, During, and After Divorce I first came across Jeff Landers’ excellent writing about complex financial issues in divorce through his blog and twitter.  Jeff’s Blog appears on the Forbes.com.. read more →

ABA Family Law Section Publishes “Grab the Documents” by Miles Mason, Sr.

ABA Family Law Section Publishes Mason’s Article “Grab the Documents” ABA Family Law Section Publishes Mason’s Article The Summer 2012 issue of the ABA Family Law Section’s Family Advocate includes the article “Grab the Documents” by Memphis, Tennessee divorce lawyer Miles Mason, Sr.  ”Grab the Documents” provides detailed instructions to spouses about what documents to copy for divorce lawyers. “I enjoyed writing this because.. read more →

Advice for the DisneyWorld Dad: Divorced and Not

Advice for the DisneyWorld Dad: Divorced and Not Before planning a vacation to DisneyWorld: Get a tested and recommended travel agent such as Sandra Owings in Memphis, Tennessee.  Travel agents’ fees are paid by Disney.  Sandra knows a ton about what you want and need, your options, and saving money whether you are travelling first class or.. read more →

Michael Kelley’s Great Jazz Lists

Michael Kelley’s Great Jazz Lists Thelonious Monk Michael Kelley is well-known in the Memphis jazz community.  Aka “Jazznik,” Michael was a Music Major at Memphis State in the late 60′s and became very involved in the jazz community starting in the 70′s.  Michael has promoted jazz since the 70′s and helped other jazz promoters in the area… read more →

The Ultimate East Memphis Mom: Suzanne Johnston

By M. Taylor Oaks Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC Suzanne Johnston, founder of EastMemphisMoms.com, is a New England born-and-raised mom of two sons who has lived in Memphis since 2010. EastMemphisMoms.com offers parents in the area a guide to events, food, sales, schools, clubs, activities, sports, and more to keep kids busy and parents.. read more →

Rich Harris: Colorado Family Lawyer & The Road To Hope in Haiti

Rich Harris: Colorado Family Lawyer, Business Leader, and Humanitarian By M. Taylor Oaks Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC Rich Harris, President of The Harris Law Firm is a family lawyer practicing in Denver, Colorado.  Rich is a business leader and humanitarian.  Rich founded The Road to Hope to assist the children of Haiti. The Road to Hope envisions.. read more →

Divorcing and Divorced Spouses Tax Tool Cool Tip – IRS Publication 504

IRS Publication 504 and the 2011 Tax Filing Deadline is April 17, 2012 The tax return filing deadline is today, April 17, 2012.  The IRS knows the information divorcing, separated, and divorced spouses need and they put it in IRS Publication 504.  For those looking for tax help at the last-minute, try it. As always,.. read more →