Decree of Separate Maintenance As Divorce Alternative for Tennesseeans

For some Tennessee couples, a decree of separate maintenance could be an acceptable alternative to divorce. The break-up need not end the marriage, at least not right away. Separate maintenance and legal separation are not technically the same under Tennessee law. Setting these legal technicalities aside, though, with both separate maintenance and legal separation the.. read more →

TN Wife Gets Half of Pension + Property But No Alimony After 38 Years

Tennessee law case summary on alimony and property division after 38 years of marriage in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Elizabeth Kay Tomes v. Michael Joe Tomes – Tennessee divorce alimony 38 years. Elizabeth and Michael Tomes were married in 1972 and had two adult sons.  The husband worked for the.. read more →

Tennessee Wife Denied Alimony When She Fails to Show Need

Tennessee law case summary on alimony in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. John Scott Terry v. Tina Lynn Terry – Tennessee divorce alimony no need. John Scott Terry and Tina Lynn Terry were married in 1992 and had one child who had reached the age of majority prior to their divorce. .. read more →

What Is Alimony in Solido in Tennessee Divorce Law?

Alimony in solido is an important type of financial support in Tennessee divorce law. One that may serve as long-term support for a spouse, as well as a marital property settlement. In addition to in solido support, Tennessee law allows for three other types of alimony: rehabilitative, transitional, and in futuro (or periodic alimony). Each.. read more →

How Does Infidelity Impact Alimony in Tennessee Divorce Law?

Wondering how adultery might impact Tennessee alimony in your divorce? Cheating on a spouse, even dating during the divorce, can influence the amount of spousal support awarded by the court. For many parties, a great deal of uncertainty surrounds the issue of alimony – what type, how much, and for how long. One might think,.. read more →

Tennessee Wife Entitled to Reduced Alimony From Unemployed Husband

Tennessee alimony reduction law case summary following 20 years of marriage. Divorce and alimony law from the Court of Appeals. Barbara Ann Hernandez v. José Emmanuel Hernandez  – Tennessee divorce alimony The husband and wife were married in 1991 and had two daughters.  The parties were divorced in 2010, when the daughters were 16 and 19.. read more →

No Alimony for Extravagant Spending TN Wife After Tumultuous 15 Years

Tennessee alimony law case summary following 15 years of marriage. Divorce and alimony law from the Court of Appeals. Stacy Ramsey v. Phillip Ramsey  – Tennessee divorce alimony. The husband and wife were married in 1993.  The husband had two children from a previous marriage, and the children lived with the couple during the marriage. .. read more →

What Is Transitional Alimony in Tennessee?

Alimony is tailored spousal support – one size does not fit all! Because the need for financial assistance can vary substantially from one spouse to the next, Tennessee recognizes four different types of alimony. One of which is transitional alimony. To improve your understanding of alimony in divorce, take a few minutes to read about.. read more →

When Spouses Hide Small Business Income in Tennessee Divorce

When Tennessee divorce shifts from possibility to probability, some small business owners may attempt to skirt the truth about their income. There are many reasons why a person might attempt this, none of which are honest and all of which point toward gaining an unfair financial advantage over the other spouse. It’s All Part of.. read more →

Is There an Alimony Calculator in Tennessee?

Over the years, we have been asked the question “Is there an alimony calculator for Tennessee?” many times by clients. The answer is, well, sort of. If you were hoping to download an iPhone or Android app, input income and expense numbers, and arrive at a sum certain on the amount of spousal support that.. read more →