More Tennessee Working-Age Moms Choosing to Stay-at-Home

Times are changing yet again for Tennessee families. In Memphis and across the country, fewer women with minor children are working outside the home. A recent study shows the number of stay-at-home Moms in 2012 matched that of the mid-1980s for the first time. The Pew Research Center recently released its trend analysis of U.S… read more →

Mom Could Enforce Old Arkansas Child Support Judgment in Tennessee

Tennessee child support law case law summary on child support collection from the Court of Appeals. Carole Hoke Johns v. Sam N. Johns, Jr. – Tennessee divorce child support. Carole Hoke Johns and Sam N. Johns, Jr., were divorced in Arkansas in 1981.  Under the Arkansas court order, the father was to pay $1000 per.. read more →

TN Dad’s 300 Mile Commute Qualitfies for Lowering Child Support

Tennessee child support law case law summary on lowering child support from the Court of Appeals. Beverly Diane Jesse v. Erik Dean Jesse – Lowering Tennessee child support Beverly Diane Jesse and Erik Dean Jesse were divorced in Coffee County, Tennessee, in 2006.  They had three children, and they agreed to a permanent parenting plan.. read more →

When Is Tennessee Retroactive Child Support Owed?

Retroactive child support is often a contentious point between divorcing Tennessee parents and may involve a substantial amount of money. The recipient-parent who was the primary caregiver is compensated to some degree, but not in the way of profit. Looking at the financial situation more broadly, retroactive support benefits the entire household, in addition to.. read more →

Despite Much Litigation, Tennessee Husband’s Child Support Not Reduced

Tennessee child support law case law summary on altering child support from the Court of Appeals. Tamara J. Harness v. Gerald Scott Harness – Altering Tennessee child support The divorce of Tamara J. Harness and Gerald Scott Harness has been the attention of the Tennessee courts many times.  That litigious history continued in 2009 when.. read more →

Does Child Support Continue Through College in Tennessee?

Understandably, with a pending Tennessee divorce or legal separation involving minor children, parents want to know if child support will continue through college. My answer is “Yes” and “No.” Every calculation of child support begins with application of the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines to the income facts of the case. The guidelines are used to.. read more →

Tenn. Dad Entitled to Lower Child Support Due to Business Losing Money

Tennessee child support law case law summary on child support modification from the Court of Appeals. Tammy Milam v. James Milam – Tennessee divorce child support modification. The mother and father of three minor children were divorced in 2007.  The mother was named the primary residential parent and was given 247 days of parenting time.. read more →

At What Age Does Child Support Stop in Tennessee?

Every party in a divorce, legal separation, or family law case involving minor children should prepare for Tennessee child support orders. All children have the right to be supported by both parents. The question, though, is at what age those payments will stop. Check out Tennessee family law attorney Miles Mason, Sr., discussing this very.. read more →

Tenn. Mom Gets Day in Court After First Agreeing to No Child Support

Tennessee child support law case law summary on correct procedure from the Court of Appeals. Amanda Marie Sykes v. Joshua Neal Sykes  – Tennessee divorce child support procedure The mother and father were married in 2000 and had two children.  The mother filed for divorce in 2010, when the children were 9 and 5 years.. read more →

Tennessee Father’s Loss of $600,000 Job Means Child Support Reduction

Tennessee child support law case law summary on lowering child support from the Court of Appeals. Maryam Ghorashi-Bajestani v. Masoud Bajestani – Tennessee divorce income. The husband and wife divorced in 2009 after an eight-year marriage with two children.  At the time of the divorce, the children were five and seven years old.  The husband.. read more →