What Is a Tennessee Marital Dissolution Agreement?

You may have heard that most civil lawsuits are settled, meaning they do not go to trial. Frequently, that is because the dispute has been resolved through some form of alternative dispute resolution, or ADR. One form of ADR is mediation, another is negotiation. Both are commonly used in Tennessee divorce. Therefore, spouses can avoid.. read more →

More Tennessee Working-Age Moms Choosing to Stay-at-Home

Times are changing yet again for Tennessee families. In Memphis and across the country, fewer women with minor children are working outside the home. A recent study shows the number of stay-at-home Moms in 2012 matched that of the mid-1980s for the first time. The Pew Research Center recently released its trend analysis of U.S… read more →

How Do I Select a Divorce Lawyer in Memphis TN?

Whether you and your spouse have minor children or not, you need to be selective in hiring a Memphis, Tennessee, divorce lawyer to represent you. The problem is not so much that good family attorneys are few and far between, but that you need to have confidence in the representation. “Any ole’ attorney” simply will.. read more →

Divorcing the Control Freak

If you are living with a control freak, chances are you already know it. Your spouse’s “my way or the highway” attitude may be causing conflict in the marriage, but it doesn’t stop there. Attempting to cut loose from the control freak often elevates conflict in the Tennessee divorce. Two Celebrity Examples of “My Spouse.. read more →

Is Sex Addiction Grounds for Divorce in Tennessee?

Sex addiction is not a new phenomenon, nor is it exclusively a Tennessee concern. But to answer the question, “Is sex addiction grounds for Tennessee divorce?”  Yes it can be, but indirectly so. What Is Sex Addiction? As the late Robert Palmer put it, “Might as well face it you’re addicted to love…” But sex.. read more →

Tennessee Wife Gets Family’s Small Business, but Split Approved

Tennessee law case summary with a business in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Frank Ray Baggett v. Anne Marie Baggett – Tennessee divorce with a business The wife filed for divorce after eight years of marriage.  Shortly thereafter, the husband filed a separate action alleging that he had been improperly excluded.. read more →

Memphis Divorce Recovery Classes | Getting Over Your Ex and Moving On

Have you considered joining a Memphis divorce recovery class or group? Every spouse or ex-spouse should at least think about participating in some type of Tennessee divorce recovery class, group, or program. Why? Because life after divorce is quite different than life while married, and the transition from one world to the next is seldom.. read more →

Sex in TN Marriage: Only Centerfolds Are Airbrushed

When Tennessee couples marry, they typically exchange vows of total acceptance. To take the good with the bad. The healthy times with periods of sickness or infirmity. They promise to be there for each other in times of abundance and poverty. And they promise to be there for sex. Sex is a big part of.. read more →

How Does Infidelity Impact Alimony in Tennessee Divorce Law?

Wondering how adultery might impact Tennessee alimony in your divorce? Cheating on a spouse, even dating during the divorce, can influence the amount of spousal support awarded by the court. For many parties, a great deal of uncertainty surrounds the issue of alimony – what type, how much, and for how long. One might think,.. read more →

How To Start a Divorce in Tennessee

How to start a divorce in Tennessee will be a new experience for most spouses, one that can be unsettling, intimidating, or downright frightening. An American author of horror fiction, H.P. Lovecraft (1890-1937) duly noted: “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of.. read more →