Millennials in Tennessee Divorce: Breaking Up in Your 30s

Born into the Millennial Generation (or if you prefer, Generation Y), many Tennessean’s are now in their thirties and considering divorce. Millennials have been accused of being far more narcissistic, more ‘Me’ oriented, than their Gen-X and Baby Boomer predecessors. Maybe that describes some of the people you know, but when it comes to divorce,.. read more →

Emotional Consequences of Divorce on Children May Not Be So Bad

Almost every Tennessee divorce will have an emotional impact on the children. The good news is that the negative emotional consequences of a marital break-up may not be long-lasting for kids, as many once feared. In a recent Scientific American article co-authored by psychology professors Hal Arkowitz (Univ. of Arizona) and Scott O. Lilienfeld (Emory.. read more →

Oakland Tennessee Divorce Injunction Restricts Insurance Options

Have you consulted with an Oakland TN divorce lawyer about the impact the temporary injunction will have on your insurance options? Many men and women view divorce as an opportunity to reinvent themselves and start afresh. In many ways that is true and a healthy response to ending one’s marriage. A spouse may move into.. read more →

Should You Be Looking for a Shelby County TN Family Lawyer?

With the pace and excitement of the holidays, you may be putting your search for a Shelby County, Tennessee, family lawyer on hold at least until the New Year. When the time comes to focus on the legal aspects of family ties, though, what qualities should you look for in an attorney? What kinds of.. read more →

TN Farm Property Remained Husband’s Separate Property Despite Increase

Tennessee law case summary on classifying property value increase as marital or separate in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Lillie Franchie Huddleston v. Robert Lee Huddleston – Tennessee divorce property classification When the husband and wife married in 1969, each brought real property to the marriage.  The husband owned a farm in Putnam.. read more →

With Tennessee Divorce, a Lot of Things Happen Sometimes

To quote Shelby County, Tennessee, Circuit Court Judge Karen R. Williams, “a lot of things happen sometimes.” Yes, they certainly do. The fact is, just about everything imaginable can and does happen in a divorce and not just in Tennessee. Like Murphy’s Law, only more dramatic. Here are a couple examples to prove the point… read more →

Is There Life After Infidelity in Tennessee’s Germantown?

When infidelity creeps into the Germantown TN marriage, some spouses run directly into the arms of a Tennessee divorce lawyer. But not every marriage ends because of one spouse’s cheating (or both, for that matter). For many couples, there is married life after infidelity. Consequences of Cheating It would be naive to assume that cheating.. read more →

Tennessee Wife Entitled to Alimony in Futuro After 28 Year Marriage

Tennessee alimony law case summary following 28 years of marriage. Divorce and alimony law from the Court of Appeals. Mark Burell Parrish v. Tammy Jo Scott Parrish – Tennessee divorce alimony 28 years married. The husband and wife were married in 1982 and separated in 2010.  The husband filed a complaint for divorce in Henderson County,.. read more →

Allocating One Spouse’s Cosmetic Surgery Debt in TN Divorce

The question – “How to allocate one spouse’s cosmetic surgery debt in Tennessee divorce?” – is a loaded one. With elective surgery costs, most parties dig into their respective positions on the issue. Consider the following… If a woman augments her breasts with implants, why should her husband pay for it in the divorce? If.. read more →

Shelby County TN Divorce Alert: Don’t Mess Around with Your Financial Affidavit!

Once the Shelby County, Tennessee, divorce complaint is filed, your personal financial life may be exposed for the court, the lawyers, and the other party to see. Pursuant to T.C.A. § 36-4-116, the judge or chancellor has discretion to require that the parties submit a personal financial affidavit that details their current: ● income and.. read more →