Set Goals for Each Stage in the Collierville TN Divorce Process

If you haven’t thought about your divorce strategy, then you probably haven’t thought about setting goals in your Collierville, Tennessee, divorce either. The two are closely tied. Have You Thought About Divorce Strategy? Consider the mother of three who hasn’t decided whether she wants the children to remain in the same school system or whether.. read more →

TN Wife in 2nd Divorce Gets Military Pension Awarded In 1st Divorce

Tennessee law case summary on military pensions in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Kitty Fern (Darden) Sartain v. Mitchell Carl Sartain – Tennessee divorce military retirement alimony The husband and wife were married for 19 years, divorced in 1997, remarried for an additional 13 years, and then divorced a second time. .. read more →

Considering the Impact of Tenn. Divorce on Social Security

Have you thought about the impact of Tennessee divorce on Social Security benefits? If you have been married for nine years and are contemplating divorce, you may want to stick it out to year 10 before the divorce decree is handed down. Here’s why… The Magic Number – SSA’s 10-Year Rule The Social Security Administration’s.. read more →

Prenup Not Enforced When Tennessee Wife Contracted Rare Condition

Tennessee law case summary on prenuptial agreements in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Sabra Elaine Ellis O’Daniel v. Rusty Wade O’Daniel  – Tennessee divorce prenuptial agreement not enforced Prior to their 2006 marriage, the husband and wife executed a prenuptial agreement.  In the agreement, each of them waived any claim for support, maintenance, or.. read more →

SCRA Protects Service Members in Memphis TN Military Divorce

For those in the U.S. armed forces, the SCRA offers many protections in the Memphis, Tennessee, military divorce. SCRA refers to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, a federal law that applies to civil lawsuits and divorces against active duty military personnel. Defending against lawsuits has always been difficult for deployed service members. The SCRA and.. read more →

Marital Dissolution Agreements in the Collierville TN Divorce

Have you thought about the process of negotiating a marital dissolution agreement in your Collierville, Tennessee, divorce? Before you meet with a lawyer, take some time to think through and list your goals. What do you really want from the divorce? Write your long-term and short-terms goals down on paper. You will need to communicate.. read more →

Does Being a TN Divorce Lawyer Increase the Likelihood of Divorce?

Does being a Tennessee divorce lawyer act as a preventative against the breakdown of one’s marriage? Are you thinking about divorcing the divorce lawyer? Some might assume that handling other peoples’ marital disputes day in and day out somehow imbues special knowledge that can be applied directly to one’s own relationship. Effectively immunizing the divorce.. read more →

Are You Divorcing the Nice Guy in Memphis TN Family Court?

If your Memphis, Tennessee, family court case involves divorcing the nice guy, you are not alone. Plenty of women decide to end their marriages even though their spouses never did anything to screw things up. Nice Guys Don’t Always Finish Last Remember Baseball Hall of Fame player and manager Leo “The Lip” Durocher’s famous autobiography.. read more →

New Federal Tax Law Making Your Germantown TN Divorce Settlement a Little Squirrelly?

What does the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA) have to do with your Germantown, TN, divorce settlement? Everything if you don’t plan your separation agreement, alimony, and property division very carefully. Following the memorable 2012 “fiscal cliff” debates, the ATRA was passed and became effective January 1, 2013. Tax preparation season will be.. read more →

Divorcing? Germantown TN Parents Prep for Child Custody Forensic Evaluations

Divorcing Germantown, Tennessee, parents should prepare themselves for the possibility of a child custody forensic evaluation. These evaluations are becoming more common in Germantown family court proceedings, particularly when parties cannot agree on a parenting plan. When custody is a disputed issue in the divorce (or whenever the court deems an evaluation is necessary), each.. read more →