Tenn. Wife of Soldier Proved Abuse & Wins Legal Separation Not Divorce

Tennessee law case summary on legal separation in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Torrie Schneider Longanacre v. Matthew Robert Longanacre — decision of legal separation within discretion of trial court even over objection of TN husband seeking divorce who failed to prove grounds for inappropriate marital conduct on part of wife Matthew.. read more →

Uncontested, Mutually Agreed Divorces for Tennessee Spouses

In Tennessee, there is no special status for an “agreed divorce.” It is a term created by the Supreme Court of Tennessee to describe for the general public how to proceed (and really when to proceed) with representing yourself in a divorce case with very little conflict between the parties. Embedded in the forms and.. read more →

Unclean Hands Doctrine Prevented Property Transfer Before TN Divorce

Tennessee law case summary on property transfer in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Connie Lou Jolley v. Ronald Van Jolley — unclean hands prevented husband from asserting relief from the court Connie Lou Jolley (“wife”) and Ronald Van Jolley (“husband”) were married in 1981 and separated after 28 years of marriage.  Wife filed a complaint.. read more →

Correlation Between Unemployment and Divorce: Moving Forward

Honey, We Seem to Have a Bad Connection You just got bad news – you are among the newly unemployed. Your relationship with your spouse starts to change a little, then a lot. If you’re the unemployed husband in this scenario, you might think your wife doesn’t understand the stress and embarrassment you feel. You.. read more →

TN Divorce Business Valuation Case: Lawyer vs Travel Agency Owner Wife

Tennessee business valuation law case summary – travel agency and law practice. Divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Pamela J. Wright v. Dale M. Quillen – the extent, the valuation, and the division of the marital estate; the awards of alimony, and child support. In a case described by the Tennessee Court.. read more →

TN Husband in Real Estate Has Income Imputed After Averaging Income

Tennessee child support law case law summary on underemployment and imputed income from the Court of Appeals. Angela K. Thomas v. Jeffery K. Thomas – Tennessee divorce child support imputed income The husband and wife were married in 1994 and were the parents of two children.  In 2009, the wife filed for legal separation.  She later modified.. read more →

Tennessee Wife Must Release Ex-husband from Marital Debt on House

Tennessee law case summary on division of marital debt in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Susan Elaine Dobbs v. Brooke Anthony Dobbs – Release from Marital Debt in Tennessee Divorce Law This case involves a husband’s request to be released from the debt on the home he and his ex-wife owned. The wife,.. read more →

Should You Stash Some Secret Cash in a Rainy Day TN Divorce Fund?

What would you say to stashing some secret cash in a rainy day divorce fund? That is, just as a way to hedge your bet on the outside chance your marriage ends up on the rocks in a stormy Tennessee divorce. Setting up a rainy day divorce fund can be a good idea when done.. read more →

Divorce and STDs: Playing Russian Roulette with Your Health & Wallet

Dealing with the possibility of contracting a sexually transmitted disease from a cheating spouse before filing a Tennessee divorce. Part 3 of a 3 part series on Cheating. While you’ve undoubtedly read that one out of every two marriages will end up in divorce, this statistic is based on a national average. The divorce rate has been declining.. read more →

Never Discuss Your Fayette County TN Divorce with the Kids

You should never discuss adult matters regarding your Fayette County, Tenn., divorce with the children. Of course the kids will sense that something has changed and, naturally, questions may surface. But there is a chasm of difference between answering your child’s questions appropriately about what is happening, and confiding adult concerns about the break-up with.. read more →