Don’t Worry, Be Happy with Your Tennessee Divorce in 5 Easy Steps

Is it possible to be happy and not worry about your Tennessee divorce? Tempered happiness perhaps, but the answer is “Yes.” With the right frame of mind going into the process, most people make it through divorce with mind, heart, and spirit intact. That is not to say that there will not be emotional challenges… read more →

How Do I Select a Divorce Lawyer in Memphis TN?

Whether you and your spouse have minor children or not, you need to be selective in hiring a Memphis, Tennessee, divorce lawyer to represent you. The problem is not so much that good family attorneys are few and far between, but that you need to have confidence in the representation. “Any ole’ attorney” simply will.. read more →

How To Start a Divorce in Tennessee

How to start a divorce in Tennessee will be a new experience for most spouses, one that can be unsettling, intimidating, or downright frightening. An American author of horror fiction, H.P. Lovecraft (1890-1937) duly noted: “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of.. read more →

What Are Tennessee Divorce Laws?

Are you wondering where Tennessee family lawyers go to get the most current legal information about separate maintenance, annulment, divorce, child custody, support, and all those other important domestic relations issues? Understand, first, that attorneys love their law libraries. Most family law firms have modest libraries to house essential collections on Tennessee law and practice,.. read more →

Should You Be Looking for a Shelby County TN Family Lawyer?

With the pace and excitement of the holidays, you may be putting your search for a Shelby County, Tennessee, family lawyer on hold at least until the New Year. When the time comes to focus on the legal aspects of family ties, though, what qualities should you look for in an attorney? What kinds of.. read more →

Set Goals for Each Stage in the Collierville TN Divorce Process

If you haven’t thought about your divorce strategy, then you probably haven’t thought about setting goals in your Collierville, Tennessee, divorce either. The two are closely tied. Have You Thought About Divorce Strategy? Consider the mother of three who hasn’t decided whether she wants the children to remain in the same school system or whether.. read more →

Should You Consider Hiring a Memphis TN Divorce Coach?

Divorce is seldom easy. For many individuals, a little emotional support. A little one-on-one guidance from someone who really gets it, can make a tremendous difference in how the divorce progresses and in the final outcome. Some people find help through their pastors, priests, or rabbis. Others seek traditional mental health counseling. Still others seek.. read more →

Correlation Between Unemployment and Divorce: Moving Forward

Honey, We Seem to Have a Bad Connection You just got bad news – you are among the newly unemployed. Your relationship with your spouse starts to change a little, then a lot. If you’re the unemployed husband in this scenario, you might think your wife doesn’t understand the stress and embarrassment you feel. You.. read more →

Should You Stash Some Secret Cash in a Rainy Day TN Divorce Fund?

What would you say to stashing some secret cash in a rainy day divorce fund? That is, just as a way to hedge your bet on the outside chance your marriage ends up on the rocks in a stormy Tennessee divorce. Setting up a rainy day divorce fund can be a good idea when done.. read more →

Divorce and STDs: Playing Russian Roulette with Your Health & Wallet

Dealing with the possibility of contracting a sexually transmitted disease from a cheating spouse before filing a Tennessee divorce. Part 3 of a 3 part series on Cheating. While you’ve undoubtedly read that one out of every two marriages will end up in divorce, this statistic is based on a national average. The divorce rate has been declining.. read more →