What Is Legal Separation in Memphis, Tennessee?

For at least a few Memphis TN husbands and wives, living together may not be a positive experience. When sharing the same household keeps hostilities on open display 24/7, then continued cohabitation could be detrimental for the whole family. Those couples need options, one of which is divorce. Another option is legal separation. What exactly.. read more →

Top 10 Reasons Why Memphis Women File for Divorce

Memphis women remain a mystery to most men for their entire lives. Why the ladies file the majority of divorce complaints is, perhaps, just another enigma for the opposite sex to contemplate. Seasoned Tennessee divorce lawyers, however, are much wiser. They have heard just about every reason imaginable (and some unimaginable) as to why women.. read more →

After 8 Yrs Tenn Wife w/ MS Seeks Legal Separation + Alimony in Futuro

Tennessee alimony law case summary following 8 years of marriage. Tennessee legal separation, divorce, and family law from the Tennessee Court of Appeals. Janet Charlene Hooberry v Ronald Scott Hooberry – Tennessee Alimony Law + Legal Separation Law Janet Hooberry, Wife, filed a complaint for legal separation/divorce after 8 1/5 years of marriage. The Wife alleged.. read more →

Divorce vs. Legal Separation

A divorce is the dissolution of a state-recognized marriage; it effectively ends the marriage and divvies up any of the couple’s assets, properties, and finances. A legal separation is a court-ordered separation period; the couple’s marriage contract remains intact; however, the two spouses live in separate locations. Both a divorce and legal separation address similar.. read more →