Settlement Not Coerced w/ Threat to Expose Wife’s Affair to Kids

Tennessee law case summary on coerced settlement in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Alissa Owen (Formerly Haas) v. Darin Haas  – Tennessee divorce settlement claimed under duress Alissa Owen and Darin Haas were married in 1996 and had three children.  The husband was a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army, and.. read more →

What Is Divorce Mediation in Tennessee?

Mediation in Tennessee is a commonly used form of alternative dispute resolution, or ADR. In large part, the ADR option is intended to help avoid litigation. Essentially, mediation is an informal process to assist the parties in voluntarily resolving their legal disagreements. As professionals, mediators often help couples reach agreement on parenting plans and child.. read more →

Decree of Separate Maintenance As Divorce Alternative for Tennesseeans

For some Tennessee couples, a decree of separate maintenance could be an acceptable alternative to divorce. The break-up need not end the marriage, at least not right away. Separate maintenance and legal separation are not technically the same under Tennessee law. Setting these legal technicalities aside, though, with both separate maintenance and legal separation the.. read more →

Top 10 Reasons Why Memphis Women File for Divorce

Memphis women remain a mystery to most men for their entire lives. Why the ladies file the majority of divorce complaints is, perhaps, just another enigma for the opposite sex to contemplate. Seasoned Tennessee divorce lawyers, however, are much wiser. They have heard just about every reason imaginable (and some unimaginable) as to why women.. read more →

The Exchange Club Is Breaking the Cycle of Abuse in Memphis

The Exchange Club Family Center in Memphis, TN, is helping children, adults, parents, and families heal by working to break the cycle of domestic violence and abuse. Memphis Area Programs at The Exchange Club Family Center At The Exchange Club Family Center in Memphis, TN, the emphasis is on restoring healthy family relationships by addressing.. read more →

Mediated Custody Modification Agreement Must Be Approved by Tenn Judge

Tennessee law case summary on mediation, mediated agreements, and custody modification in Tennessee divorce and family law from the Tennessee Court of Appeals. Tonya Renee Fletcher v Glen Allen Fletcher – Tennessee Mediation Law In this divorce case, the mother, Tonya Fletcher and the father, Glen Fletcher, divorced in May of 2001 by consent decree. A permanent parenting.. read more →

Memphis Divorce Lawyer Explains 5 Myths Regarding Mediation

Not everyone comes to the table seeing eye-to-eye during a divorce. This is where mediation may help. To learn more about the benefits of mediation, you should seek legal counsel. A Memphis divorce lawyer with experience handling cases in which mediation is involved can help you understand what to expect. Of course, there are a.. read more →

The Role of Your Tennessee Divorce Lawyer in a Collaborative Divorce

The reason collaborative divorces typically resolve faster and cost less in legal fees is because they settle without the intervention of the courts. This means you can avoid lengthy trials that may take weeks or months to resolve.  Before you even begin the collaborative divorce process, you’ll need a divorce lawyer to represent you during.. read more →

Tennessee Divorce Laws: 5 Tips for Mediation

Mediation seems to have become the preferred method of divorce over litigation in many circumstances. While it often may be a much more pleasant experience than going through the courts, it can have its difficulties. To make mediation much easier on everyone involved, consult an attorney to get a thorough understanding of Tennessee divorce laws.. read more →

What are the benefits of mediation for my divorce in Tennessee?

Many divorcing couples are turning to mediation instead of litigation these days. The benefits of mediation outweigh those of litigation in most cases, especially with the backing of Tennessee divorce laws. These laws ensure couples divide assets and property fairly, and parental residence is decided on in the best interest of the child. If you’re.. read more →