The Role of Your Tennessee Divorce Lawyer in a Collaborative Divorce

The reason collaborative divorces typically resolve faster and cost less in legal fees is because they settle without the intervention of the courts. This means you can avoid lengthy trials that may take weeks or months to resolve.  Before you even begin the collaborative divorce process, you’ll need a divorce lawyer to represent you during.. read more →

A Collaborative Divorce is NOT the same as an Uncontested Divorce in Tennessee

While there are many similarities between an uncontested divorce and a collaborative divorce, they are NOT the same matter, nor are they settled in the same process. Before you make the decision to file for divorce, it’s important to understand the differences between these two methods.  Perhaps the most important difference is that an uncontested.. read more →

All about Collaborative Divorce and Where your Tennessee Divorce Lawyer Helps

When you decide to pursue a collaborative divorce in Tennessee, it does not mean you should forgo your right to a divorce lawyer. In fact, collaborative divorce cases can be just as complex as regular divorce cases – the difference is that it settles without the need to involve a family law judge.  What is.. read more →