What About Taxes in Tennessee Divorce?

With so many decisions to make in any divorce, Tennessee couples often forget there will be tax reporting changes, too. Their decisions on custody and child support, alimony, and the division of marital property are all important matters with short-term and long-term consequences. And all of those concerns could have an impact on the parties’.. read more →

What Is a Tennessee Marital Dissolution Agreement?

You may have heard that most civil lawsuits are settled, meaning they do not go to trial. Frequently, that is because the dispute has been resolved through some form of alternative dispute resolution, or ADR. One form of ADR is mediation, another is negotiation. Both are commonly used in Tennessee divorce. Therefore, spouses can avoid.. read more →

Memphis Divorce Recovery Classes | Getting Over Your Ex and Moving On

Have you considered joining a Memphis divorce recovery class or group? Every spouse or ex-spouse should at least think about participating in some type of Tennessee divorce recovery class, group, or program. Why? Because life after divorce is quite different than life while married, and the transition from one world to the next is seldom.. read more →

Dual Citizenship in Divorce – When TN Is in the Wrong Country

Domestic divorces can be complicated. Tennessee laws cover child custody, visitation, child support, spousal alimony, division of property, and related matters. For Tennessee couples with dual citizenship issues, just trying to determine how a country’s divorce laws apply can up the ante, significantly. As Chef Emeril Lagasse might say, “BAM!” (Emeril was born in Massachusetts.. read more →

Allocating One Spouse’s Cosmetic Surgery Debt in TN Divorce

The question – “How to allocate one spouse’s cosmetic surgery debt in Tennessee divorce?” – is a loaded one. With elective surgery costs, most parties dig into their respective positions on the issue. Consider the following… If a woman augments her breasts with implants, why should her husband pay for it in the divorce? If.. read more →

Set Goals for Each Stage in the Collierville TN Divorce Process

If you haven’t thought about your divorce strategy, then you probably haven’t thought about setting goals in your Collierville, Tennessee, divorce either. The two are closely tied. Have You Thought About Divorce Strategy? Consider the mother of three who hasn’t decided whether she wants the children to remain in the same school system or whether.. read more →

Considering the Impact of Tenn. Divorce on Social Security

Have you thought about the impact of Tennessee divorce on Social Security benefits? If you have been married for nine years and are contemplating divorce, you may want to stick it out to year 10 before the divorce decree is handed down. Here’s why… The Magic Number – SSA’s 10-Year Rule The Social Security Administration’s.. read more →

New Federal Tax Law Making Your Germantown TN Divorce Settlement a Little Squirrelly?

What does the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA) have to do with your Germantown, TN, divorce settlement? Everything if you don’t plan your separation agreement, alimony, and property division very carefully. Following the memorable 2012 “fiscal cliff” debates, the ATRA was passed and became effective January 1, 2013. Tax preparation season will be.. read more →

Uncontested, Mutually Agreed Divorces for Tennessee Spouses

In Tennessee, there is no special status for an “agreed divorce.” It is a term created by the Supreme Court of Tennessee to describe for the general public how to proceed (and really when to proceed) with representing yourself in a divorce case with very little conflict between the parties. Embedded in the forms and.. read more →

Should You Stash Some Secret Cash in a Rainy Day TN Divorce Fund?

What would you say to stashing some secret cash in a rainy day divorce fund? That is, just as a way to hedge your bet on the outside chance your marriage ends up on the rocks in a stormy Tennessee divorce. Setting up a rainy day divorce fund can be a good idea when done.. read more →