Do You Know How To Ask for a Tennessee Prenup?

“Of course I love you, but I have this prenup for you to sign…” There may not be an easy way to approach that first conversation about a Tennessee prenuptial agreement, but there are certainly a few poor ways to go about it. But We’re Getting Married Tomorrow! You are engaged and getting married soon… read more →

Prenup Not Enforced When Tennessee Wife Contracted Rare Condition

Tennessee law case summary on prenuptial agreements in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Sabra Elaine Ellis O’Daniel v. Rusty Wade O’Daniel  – Tennessee divorce prenuptial agreement not enforced Prior to their 2006 marriage, the husband and wife executed a prenuptial agreement.  In the agreement, each of them waived any claim for support, maintenance, or.. read more →

The Great Debate Over Tennessee Prenuptial Agreements

The “Great Debate” over whether prenuptial agreements are a good idea for most Tennessee couples has taken on new steam. (Or maybe it’s the family law attorneys who are steamed up about a New York divorce court that recently invalidated a prenup on behalf of the wife). Invalidating the Prenup in Petrakis v. Petrakis Long.. read more →

Happy Valentine’s Day: Here’s Your Prenup to Sign

Getting a Prenuptial Agreement Signed May Be Much More Difficult Than Getting it Drafted Advice from Memphis, Tennessee divorce attorney Miles Mason, Sr. Some people may tell you that it’s easier to get root canal while others will tell you that if you have to have a prenup, then you don’t trust each other and shouldn’t.. read more →

The Pros and Cons of Prenup Agreements

Considering a prenup? Contact divorce lawyers in Memphis to review the pros and cons of such agreements and to learn if you may benefit from having one. Benefits of Prenuptial Agreements Couples who choose to create a prenup may do so for a number of reasons. The following are some of the good that may.. read more →

Why You Might Need a Memphis Divorce Lawyer for a Prenup Agreement

If planning to make or enter into a prenuptial agreement, you may benefit in hiring a prenup and divorce lawyer in Memphis who is familiar with these contracts. This allows for clarity in what is contained within the agreement and can help make sure the contract is binding. Benefits of Attorney Help with Prenups Drawing.. read more →

Divorce Lawyers in Memphis Discuss Prenup Agreements in Tennessee

A prenup agreement may be helpful to couples who wish to protect themselves in the event they get divorced. While Miles Mason, a divorce lawyer in Memphis, can help individuals who are going through the process of dividing assets and financial rights, the process may be simplified if a prenuptial agreement is in place. There.. read more →

Tenn Wife’s Contest of Prenupital Agreement Denied – She Saw Business

Tennessee law case summary on prenuptial agreements in Tennessee divorce family law from the Tennessee Court of Appeals. In re Estate of Carl Robin Geary – Tennessee Prenuptial Agreement  Susan Geary, the widow, and Carol Geary, Sr, the Decedent, signed a prenuptial agreement the day of their marriage in November of 1996. They did not have children together.. read more →

Prenuptial Agreements in Tennessee: Not Just for Celebrities Anymore

Prenuptial Agreements in Tennessee: Not Just for Celebrities Anymore It seems like a new story breaks every other day about another celebrity couple ending their marriage. Tabloids and news outlets explode with speculation after a petition for divorce is filed. As a country we are fascinated by the crumbling marriages of the individuals we hold.. read more →

In Tennessee, Transmutation Does Not Include Joint Tax Return Refund

Tennessee law case summary for transmutation and prenuptial agreements in Tennessee family law from the Tennessee Court of Appeals. The Estate of Noel C. Hunt v Trisha L. Jolley Hunt In the case of Noel C. Hunt and Trisha L. Jolley Hunt, the wife claimed that she should have received a portion, if not all, of the tax refunds.. read more →