25 Jul 2012

Easy Activities to do with Your Children during Visitation

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When you live with your children, there is less pressure to find activities during the course of a normal day. However, as a non-custodial parent during visitation, you may find yourself at a loss for what to do with your children while they are spending time with you. The list below contains a number of ideas regarding how you can interact with your child during visitation.

  • perform volunteer work together;
  • fly a kite;
  • find a recipe that you would both enjoy and cook together;
  • read a story out loud;
  • plant flowers or vegetables;
  • go on a picnic;
  • go to a museum;
  • help your children with their homework;
  • make a game out of completing your chores;
  • make puppets and put on a play; or
  • visit family members.

While every moment shouldn’t be filled with activities–in fact, it is good to create some normalcy in your child’s life–this list may give you some ideas of things to do with your children. 

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