06 Apr 2012

Financial Forensics Body of Knowledge | Book Review Highly Recommended

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Financial Forensics Body of Knowledge

Financial Forensics Body of Knowledge

Financial Forensics Body of Knowledge | Book Review Highly Recommended

The recently published Financial Forensics Body of Knowledge is one of my absolute favorite books ever written about forensic accounting.  Darrell Dorrell and Greg Gadawsky, both with Financial Forensics, Lake Oswego, Oregon, are two of the nation’s leading minds in financial forensics today.  The book spans the knowledge experts need across all of the most important areas of financial forensics critical today including fraud investigation, all areas of litigation, and consulting.

Financial Forensics Body of Knowledge outlines one of the most important forensic methodologies ever created and lists more investigation techniques than any other source ever written.  I met the authors when attending their NACVA’s Forensic Accounting Academy course and was blown away.  As a practicing lawyer and CPA, my knowledge of forensic accounting and financial forensics was expanded way beyond my expectations.  The authors were generous to allow me to include highlights of their methodology and techniques in my book, The Forensic Accounting Deskbook, published by the American Bar Association in 2011.

Without the methodology and techniques contained within their book, many forensic accountants are powerless on cross-examination against educated and experienced lawyers.  Armed with the methodology and techniques, expert witnesses are able to defeat many forseeable Daubert challenges among others.  Experienced experts will find new ways to enhance their practice.  Forensic experts new to the profession will learn the basics and learn how and why to prepare bullet-proof reports, get ready for depositions, and survive cross-examination.

I highly recommend this book to all professionals practicing in financial forensics and forensic accounting.  Miles Mason, Sr. JD, CPA

Miles Mason


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