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In Tennesseee Divorce, Value of Dental Practice Can’t Include Goodwill

Tennessee law case summary on value of dental practice in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Janice Hartline v. Robert Stephen Hartline – Tennessee divorce business valuation, dental practice. The husband and wife were married in 1986 and had been married for 25 years at the time of their Tennessee divorce.  At the.. read more →

Is There a Child Support Calculator in Tennessee?

Yes, in Tennessee the child support calculator is called the “worksheets” and the State of Tennessee has them on its official government website (we have a link to the worksheets below). Every Order Begins with TN’s Child Support Guidelines Every state has guidelines for calculating how much parents should contribute to the support of a.. read more →

Mason to Present at 2014 ABA Family Law Fall Conference in Vermont

Miles Mason, Sr. JD, CPA is speaking at the 2014 Fall Conference of American Bar Association Family Law Section located in Stowe, VT on October 18, 2014.  His topic will be “Understanding Business Tax Returns,” a presentation sponsored by the ABA Family Law Section Child Support Committee. If you haven’t ever attended an ABA Family.. read more →

Forensic Accounting 101 | July 21, 2014 Memphis, TN | CPE and CLE

Forensic Accounting 101 – July 21, 2014 Memphis, TN – CPE and CLE A “Do it Yourself” Guide to Financial Analysis and Investigation when Hiring a Forensic Accountant Isn’t Viable Seminar Overview Fundamental Tools and Practical Tips Needed to Examine Common Financial Documents Hiring a forensic accountant to assist you with interpreting financial data is.. read more →

Can Reading a Spouse’s Email Lead to Tennessee Divorce?

In America and most of the developed world, email is ubiquitous. We send them. We read them. And we sometimes write things (or send pictures) that are worthy of regret later on. But if you have permission to do so, can reading your spouse’s email lead to divorce in Tennessee? “I’ve got nothing to hide!”.. read more →

Tennessee Mom Can’t Move to Florida After Parentage Action

Tennessee law case summary on custody and relocation in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Clint Dewayne Graham v. Nycole Alexandria Vaughn – Tennessee divorce custody and relocation Clint Graham and Nycole Vaughn were the parents of a daughter who was born in 2004.  After the girl was born, they lived together.. read more →

What Is Divorce Mediation in Tennessee?

Mediation in Tennessee is a commonly used form of alternative dispute resolution, or ADR. In large part, the ADR option is intended to help avoid litigation. Essentially, mediation is an informal process to assist the parties in voluntarily resolving their legal disagreements. As professionals, mediators often help couples reach agreement on parenting plans and child.. read more →

John Vego Knows What Wine You Like

John Vego is a wine “beast.”  According to my teenage son, Miles, “beast” is the highest compliment one can pay another man. Sharon and I first met John many years ago at a small wine tasting and fell in love.  Over the last 10 years, he has been our primary source of wine referrals. Yes,.. read more →

Tennessee Same-Sex Partner Gets No Visitation Rights Absent Adoption

Tennessee law case summary on same-sex couple custody and visitation in family law from the Court of Appeals. In re Hayden C. G-J. – Tennessee same-sex parent visitation dispute Jennifer J. and Jennie G. were in a romantic and committed relationship for 14 years, during which time they held themselves out to a couple.  During.. read more →

Inconsistent Tennessee Parenting Plan Must Be Set Aside

Tennessee law case summary on parenting plans in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Gregory Keith Jarnigan v. Ginger Nicole Jarnigan – Tennessee divorce parenting plan law Ginger Nicole Jarnigan and Gregory Keith Jarnigan were married in 1997 and had three sons who were born in 1999, 2003, and 2005.  In 2012,.. read more →