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TN’s Automatic Injunction: Throwing Water on Fiery Divorces

In every divorce, Tennessee’s automatic mandatory injunction serves to damper bad behavior before the fire can really begin to roar. Even if a copy of the “automatic injunction” is not attached to the complaint, it is smart to consider that it is in effect. On occasion, filing for divorce actually quiets things down between the.. read more →

TN Dad Liable for College Expenses, Despite Lack of College Choice

Tennessee law case summary on college expenses in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Nancy Parson Hill (Bowron) v. Mark David Hill – Tennessee divorce college expenses. The mother and father of three daughters were divorced in 2003.  Knowing that the daughters would be attending college, they addressed college expenses in their.. read more →

Dual Citizenship in Divorce – When TN Is in the Wrong Country

Domestic divorces can be complicated. Tennessee laws cover child custody, visitation, child support, spousal alimony, division of property, and related matters. For Tennessee couples with dual citizenship issues, just trying to determine how a country’s divorce laws apply can up the ante, significantly. As Chef Emeril Lagasse might say, “BAM!” (Emeril was born in Massachusetts.. read more →

Irrelevant Bank Records Need Not Be Produced Despite Mom’s Agreement

Tennessee child support law case law summary on modification and evidence from the Tennessee Court of Appeals. Martha Elaine Weaver Carter v. David Ray Carter – Tennessee divorce bank records evidence in child support modification The mother and father of one child were divorced in 2006.  The mother was named the primary residential parent, and.. read more →

No Contempt When TN Father Pays Child Support Based on Modified Order

Tennessee law case summary on child support in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Penelope Lynne Allen v. Gordon Carmack Allen – Tennessee divorce and child support law The father and mother were divorced in 2001 and were the parents of one four-year-old child.  The mother was named the primary residential parent,.. read more →

What Is Transitional Alimony in Tennessee?

Alimony is tailored spousal support – one size does not fit all! Because the need for financial assistance can vary substantially from one spouse to the next, Tennessee recognizes four different types of alimony. One of which is transitional alimony. To improve your understanding of alimony in divorce, take a few minutes to read about.. read more →

Tennessee Wife’s Failure to Disclose Affair Requires Refund of Alimony

Tennessee law case summary on antenuptial agreements in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Jeffrey Matthew Brown v. Jennifer Lindsey (Williams) Brown – Tennessee divorce antenuptial agreement. The husband and wife were married in 2004 and divorced in 2008.  Prior to their marriage, they had executed an antenuptial agreement.  In that agreement,.. read more →

When Spouses Hide Small Business Income in Tennessee Divorce

When Tennessee divorce shifts from possibility to probability, some small business owners may attempt to skirt the truth about their income. There are many reasons why a person might attempt this, none of which are honest and all of which point toward gaining an unfair financial advantage over the other spouse. It’s All Part of.. read more →

TN Parenting Plan Modified Though Changes Not Completely Unanticipated

Tennessee law case summary on parenting plan modification in divorce and family law. Andrew K. Armbrister v. Melissa H. Armbrister – Tennessee divorce parenting time modification. The mother and father, both of whom were dentists, were married in 2000.  They had a son born in 2006 and a daughter born in 2008.  Shortly after the.. read more →

What Is Legal Separation in Memphis, Tennessee?

For at least a few Memphis TN husbands and wives, living together may not be a positive experience. When sharing the same household keeps hostilities on open display 24/7, then continued cohabitation could be detrimental for the whole family. Those couples need options, one of which is divorce. Another option is legal separation. What exactly.. read more →