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When Is Tennessee Retroactive Child Support Owed?

Retroactive child support is often a contentious point between divorcing Tennessee parents and may involve a substantial amount of money. The recipient-parent who was the primary caregiver is compensated to some degree, but not in the way of profit. Looking at the financial situation more broadly, retroactive support benefits the entire household, in addition to.. read more →

Despite Much Litigation, Tennessee Husband’s Child Support Not Reduced

Tennessee child support law case law summary on altering child support from the Court of Appeals. Tamara J. Harness v. Gerald Scott Harness – Altering Tennessee child support The divorce of Tamara J. Harness and Gerald Scott Harness has been the attention of the Tennessee courts many times.  That litigious history continued in 2009 when.. read more →

Divorcing the Control Freak

If you are living with a control freak, chances are you already know it. Your spouse’s “my way or the highway” attitude may be causing conflict in the marriage, but it doesn’t stop there. Attempting to cut loose from the control freak often elevates conflict in the Tennessee divorce. Two Celebrity Examples of “My Spouse.. read more →

TN Parenting Time: Are You Raising Your Children To Be Leaders?

Are parents doing their best to teach important lessons during Tennessee parenting time? Do well-meaning adults behave in ways that interfere with youth leadership development? Are Tennesseans teaching their kids the skills they need to be leaders? Not every child will seek elected office or run a Fortune 500 company. But most will find themselves.. read more →

What Is Alimony in Solido in Tennessee Divorce Law?

Alimony in solido is an important type of financial support in Tennessee divorce law. One that may serve as long-term support for a spouse, as well as a marital property settlement. In addition to in solido support, Tennessee law allows for three other types of alimony: rehabilitative, transitional, and in futuro (or periodic alimony). Each.. read more →

Help Support Rhynette Hurd for Judge Circuit Court Division V

Help support Rhynette Hurd for Judge Circuit Court Division 5 Shelby County, Tennessee. View Invitation to her Campaign Kickoff here.  Attend her campaign kickoff Wednesday April 2, 2014, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Just For Lunch, 3092 Poplar Ave., Memphis, Tennessee. read more →

TN Grandparents Denied Visitation When They Fail to Show Specific Harm

Tennessee law case summary on grandparent visitation in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Richard McGarity v. Corbin Jerrolds – Tennessee divorce grandparents visitation This was a grandparent visitation case between pitting the biological mother and adoptive father of a three-year-old child against the paternal grandparents.  After the mother divorced the child’s.. read more →

Cohabitating Tennessee Woman Entitled to Share of Property After Split

Tennessee law case summary on partnership law in family law from the Court of Appeals. Lasonya Morrow v. Ray Anthony McClain – Tennessee partnership not divorce The man and this woman in this case lived together for six years but never married.  During that time, they worked together in a number of business ventures.  They.. read more →

Update: Fed. Judge Issues Preliminary Injunction Against TN in Same Sex Marriage Case

We have been following the Tennessee same sex marriage lawsuit Tanco v. Haslam since it was filed in October 2013. This is a federal case initiated by eight plaintiffs seeking injunctive relief as a remedy, among other things. The complainants asked the court to order Tennessee to recognize their same sex marriages. Under Tennessee law,.. read more →

No Injunction Against Stepmom’s Cupcakes, But TN Mom Not In Contempt for Yogurt

Tennessee law case summary on parenting and contempt in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Stacy Christina Knellinger v. Mark Steven Knellinger and Becki Knellinger – Tennessee divorce custody. In 2010, the mother was granted a divorce on the grounds of adultery.  She was named the primary residential parent of the children,.. read more →