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Does Child Support Continue Through College in Tennessee?

Understandably, with a pending Tennessee divorce or legal separation involving minor children, parents want to know if child support will continue through college. My answer is “Yes” and “No.” Every calculation of child support begins with application of the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines to the income facts of the case. The guidelines are used to.. read more →

Chicago Ex-Cop Surfaces in Tennessee and Wife Goes After Pension

Tennessee law case summary on pension division enforcement after divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Violet Corrozzo v. Joseph Corrozzo – Tennessee divorce with pension The husband and wife were divorced in 1996 in Illinois, and the wife was awarded 40% of the husband’s pension from the Chicago police.  The husband, however,.. read more →

Do You Know How To Ask for a Tennessee Prenup?

“Of course I love you, but I have this prenup for you to sign…” There may not be an easy way to approach that first conversation about a Tennessee prenuptial agreement, but there are certainly a few poor ways to go about it. But We’re Getting Married Tomorrow! You are engaged and getting married soon… read more →

Tennessee Wife Gets Family’s Small Business, but Split Approved

Tennessee law case summary with a business in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Frank Ray Baggett v. Anne Marie Baggett – Tennessee divorce with a business The wife filed for divorce after eight years of marriage.  Shortly thereafter, the husband filed a separate action alleging that he had been improperly excluded.. read more →

Tennessee Divorce Reopened When Millionaire Farmer Husband Hid Assets

Tennessee law case summary on hidden assets in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. James Glen Kirk v. Gloria Taylor Kirk – Tennessee divorce hidden assets. The husband and wife were married in 1987.  The husband ran a farming operation, and the wife worked as a mortgage broker.  In 2008, the husband.. read more →

Memphis Divorce Recovery Classes | Getting Over Your Ex and Moving On

Have you considered joining a Memphis divorce recovery class or group? Every spouse or ex-spouse should at least think about participating in some type of Tennessee divorce recovery class, group, or program. Why? Because life after divorce is quite different than life while married, and the transition from one world to the next is seldom.. read more →

Tennessee Divorce Stands Despite Ex-Wife’s Cold Feet About Agreement

Tennessee law case summary on settlements in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Angela Denise Jones v. Mark Allen Jones – Tennessee divorce and trying to back out The husband and wife were married in 1995 and had four children, three of whom were living at the time of their 2011 divorce. .. read more →

Sex in TN Marriage: Only Centerfolds Are Airbrushed

When Tennessee couples marry, they typically exchange vows of total acceptance. To take the good with the bad. The healthy times with periods of sickness or infirmity. They promise to be there for each other in times of abundance and poverty. And they promise to be there for sex. Sex is a big part of.. read more →

Missing Plan Did Not Prevent Tenn. Mom From Having Custody Modified

Tennessee law case summary on parenting plan law in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Leslie Kay Johnson v. Darren Tracy Johnson  – Tennessee divorce permanent parenting plan. When the mother and father divorced in 2010, the mother was designated the primary residential parent, and the permanent parenting plan called for both parents.. read more →

Tenn. Dad Entitled to Lower Child Support Due to Business Losing Money

Tennessee child support law case law summary on child support modification from the Court of Appeals. Tammy Milam v. James Milam – Tennessee divorce child support modification. The mother and father of three minor children were divorced in 2007.  The mother was named the primary residential parent and was given 247 days of parenting time.. read more →