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Decree of Separate Maintenance As Divorce Alternative for Tennesseeans

For some Tennessee couples, a decree of separate maintenance could be an acceptable alternative to divorce. The break-up need not end the marriage, at least not right away. Separate maintenance and legal separation are not technically the same under Tennessee law. Setting these legal technicalities aside, though, with both separate maintenance and legal separation the.. read more →

TN Court Still Has Custody Jurisdiction After Parents Moved to Florida

Tennessee law case summary on interstate jurisdiction in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Willard Harrison Iman, Jr., v. Megan Blanchfield Iman – Tennessee divorce Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. The mother and father had one child and were divorced in Tennessee in 2011. The divorce was based upon the.. read more →

TN Wife Gets Half of Pension + Property But No Alimony After 38 Years

Tennessee law case summary on alimony and property division after 38 years of marriage in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Elizabeth Kay Tomes v. Michael Joe Tomes – Tennessee divorce alimony 38 years. Elizabeth and Michael Tomes were married in 1972 and had two adult sons.  The husband worked for the.. read more →

Tennessee Wife Denied Alimony When She Fails to Show Need

Tennessee law case summary on alimony in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. John Scott Terry v. Tina Lynn Terry – Tennessee divorce alimony no need. John Scott Terry and Tina Lynn Terry were married in 1992 and had one child who had reached the age of majority prior to their divorce. .. read more →

What Is a Tennessee Marital Dissolution Agreement?

You may have heard that most civil lawsuits are settled, meaning they do not go to trial. Frequently, that is because the dispute has been resolved through some form of alternative dispute resolution, or ADR. One form of ADR is mediation, another is negotiation. Both are commonly used in Tennessee divorce. Therefore, spouses can avoid.. read more →

Tennessee Mom Gets Jail for Continual Disregard of Court Orders

Tennessee law case summary on contempt in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. S.A.M.D. v. J.P.D. – Tennessee divorce contempt. The mother and father were married in 2001 and had a son who was born in 2003.  They were divorced in 2010 and the mother was named the primary residential parent, with.. read more →

More Tennessee Working-Age Moms Choosing to Stay-at-Home

Times are changing yet again for Tennessee families. In Memphis and across the country, fewer women with minor children are working outside the home. A recent study shows the number of stay-at-home Moms in 2012 matched that of the mid-1980s for the first time. The Pew Research Center recently released its trend analysis of U.S… read more →

Tennessee Husband Who Takes the Fifth at Trial Can Still Appeal

Tennessee law case summary on divorce process in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. William David Russell v. Mary Beth Russell – Tennessee divorce clean hands doctrine William David Russell and Mary Beth Russell were married in 2011 and were the parents of two young children.  In 2011, the husband filed for.. read more →

Property Split Goes Badly When Judge Does Not Believe TN Husband

Tennessee law case summary on property division in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Stephanie Trego McCoy v. Steven McCoy  – Tennessee divorce classification. Stephanie Trego McCoy and Steven McCoy were engaged in 1996 after dating in high school.  After high school, the husband got a job for the Lenoir City Utilities.. read more →

How Do I Select a Divorce Lawyer in Memphis TN?

Whether you and your spouse have minor children or not, you need to be selective in hiring a Memphis, Tennessee, divorce lawyer to represent you. The problem is not so much that good family attorneys are few and far between, but that you need to have confidence in the representation. “Any ole’ attorney” simply will.. read more →