Post-Nuptial Agreement Kept TN Wife From Getting Wrongful Death Money

Tennessee law case summary on post-nuptial agreement law in divorce and family law from the Court of Appeals. Gary Rickman v. Virginia Rickman  – Tennessee divorce postnuptial agreement. The husband and wife were married in 1987.  In 2001, they entered into a postnuptial agreement.  In that agreement, both parties waived their rights in the other.. read more →

Tennessee Dad Not Required to Write Blank Check for College Tuition

Tennessee law case summary on college costs in Tennessee divorce and family law from the Tennessee Court of Appeals. James Kent Plyant vs. Karen Cardin Spivey – College Costs for Tennessee Parents Limited to Reasonable Amount Given Father’s Income The Father, James Kent Plyant, won a victory on appeal that capped the upper limit of his.. read more →

TN Parents Agreement For Child Support Longer than Required Held Valid

Is a Tennessee parents’ agreement enforceable if a parent agrees to pay child support longer than the law requires? In Alison v. Hagen, the Court of Appeals of Tennessee found that the Father was obligated to continue paying child support even after his older child turned 18, due to the contract he made with the Mother.. read more →

Happy Valentine’s Day: Here’s Your Prenup to Sign

Getting a Prenuptial Agreement Signed May Be Much More Difficult Than Getting it Drafted Advice from Memphis, Tennessee divorce attorney Miles Mason, Sr. Some people may tell you that it’s easier to get root canal while others will tell you that if you have to have a prenup, then you don’t trust each other and shouldn’t.. read more →

The Pros and Cons of Prenup Agreements

Considering a prenup? Contact divorce lawyers in Memphis to review the pros and cons of such agreements and to learn if you may benefit from having one. Benefits of Prenuptial Agreements Couples who choose to create a prenup may do so for a number of reasons. The following are some of the good that may.. read more →

Buy-Sell Agreement Not Signed By Spouse Can’t Set Value in TN Divorce

Tennessee business valuation law case summary – Surgeon and Medical Practice. Tennesee divorce and family law from the Tennessee Court of Appeals. Harmon v. Harmon – Tennessee Business Valuation Case Is the value of a closely-held corporation established in a buy-sell agreement not signed by a non-shareholder spouse binding on that spouse in a divorce?  Not.. read more →

Why You Might Need a Memphis Divorce Lawyer for a Prenup Agreement

If planning to make or enter into a prenuptial agreement, you may benefit in hiring a prenup and divorce lawyer in Memphis who is familiar with these contracts. This allows for clarity in what is contained within the agreement and can help make sure the contract is binding. Benefits of Attorney Help with Prenups Drawing.. read more →

Divorce Lawyers in Memphis Discuss Prenup Agreements in Tennessee

A prenup agreement may be helpful to couples who wish to protect themselves in the event they get divorced. While Miles Mason, a divorce lawyer in Memphis, can help individuals who are going through the process of dividing assets and financial rights, the process may be simplified if a prenuptial agreement is in place. There.. read more →

TN Business Valuation Divorce | Printing Company w/ Stock Restriction

Tennessee business valuation law case summary – printing company. Tennessee divorce and family law from the Tennessee Court of Appeals. Davis v Davis – Tennessee Business Valuation Divorce Case | Printing Company with Stock Restriction The Tennessee Court of Appeals was asked to review the claim of Mr. Davis which stated that the Cocke County Circuit.. read more →

Expert Witness Engagement Letter | Bare Bones for New Experts

Recently, a very nice man asked my help with an expert witness engagement letter for his first engagement.  This was for a product liability action.  He hopes to do more in the future.  I agreed.  Since it was his first agreement and he really wanted this first gig, I included helpful terms to which a lawyer should not.. read more →