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19 Nov 2012
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Jeanne M. Hannah’s Blog Has Great Tips on Issuing Subpoenas in Divorce

A while back, I ran across Jeanne M. Hannah’s blog in a list of the best family law blogs in America. I think it’s outstanding. I try to visit her site at least once a month.  Here are some helpful blog posts regarding issuing subpoenas for records from phone companies, ISPs etc.  Even for experienced family lawyers, issuing subpoenas can be a.. read more →

The Ultimate East Memphis Mom: Suzanne Johnston

By M. Taylor Oaks Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC Suzanne Johnston, founder of, is a New England born-and-raised mom of two sons who has lived in Memphis since 2010. offers parents in the area a guide to events, food, sales, schools, clubs, activities, sports, and more to keep kids busy and parents.. read more →