Relocation Denied & Custody Awarded to Father After TN Divorce

Tennessee law case summary on relocation and designation as primary residential parent after Tennessee divorce and family law from the Tennessee Court of Appeals. Shannon Wayne Brown v Lisa Denise Brown – Relocation and Primary Residential Parent In the divorce case of Shannon Brown, Husband and Lisa Brown, Wife, the couple, who married in May of 1992,.. read more →

Tennessee Husband Must Borrow $98,000 for Alimony to Wife of 25 Years

Alimony Tennessee law case summary following 25 years of marriage.  Tennessee divorce and family law from the Tennessee Court of Appeals. Joann A. Boyatt v. Boyce Wayne Boyatt – Tennessee Alimony Case – 25 year marriage. In the case of Boyatt vs. Boyatt, the husband appealed the decision of a lower court to provide alimony to the wife.. read more →

TN 25 Yr Marriage w/ $4,000/mo. Alimony In Futuro Ruling Affirmed

Tennessee law case summary on alimony in futuro and business valuation in Tennessee divorce and family law from the Tennessee Court of Appeals. The parties divorced after 25 years, but the divorce was filed after 21 years. Wendy Ann Burton v. Robert Mark Mooneyham – Tennessee Divorce, Alimony, and Business Valuation The husband, Robert Mark Mooneyham requested an.. read more →

14 Year Marriage Alimony of $1,800/mo + $90,000 Upheld in TN Divorce

Case summary on Tennessee transitional alimony and alimony in solido following 14 year marriage in Tennessee divorce and family law from Tennessee Court of Appeals. Kimberly Anne Chavez v. James Albert Chavez – Tennessee Divorce Alimony Appeal In an appeal from the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, James Albert Chavez, JR requests the court to appeal the parental custodian.. read more →

Searching for Hidden Assets in Tennessee Divorce | Forensic Techniques

When searching for hidden assets in Tennessee divorce, family lawyers need to review complicated financial documents including tax returns, financial statements, and complex compensation documentation.  Forensic accountants help Tennessee divorce and family lawyers and their clients by employing a forensic accounting methodology and choosing among an unlimited number of techniques.  The “Eyeball and Smell Tests” are two of the.. read more →

All about Collaborative Divorce and Where your Tennessee Divorce Lawyer Helps

When you decide to pursue a collaborative divorce in Tennessee, it does not mean you should forgo your right to a divorce lawyer. In fact, collaborative divorce cases can be just as complex as regular divorce cases – the difference is that it settles without the need to involve a family law judge.  What is.. read more →