10 Jul 2012

How is spousal support determined in Memphis?

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Because the state believes that the contributions to a family’s household are just as important as financial contributions, the court may award spousal support, or alimony, to the spouse who was not the primary breadwinner or who owned a lower income. Because spousal support can be such as complex topic, consulting with a Memphis divorce lawyer is recommended.

When determining whether spousal support should be granted, the court will look at the following factors for each party: 

  • assets, expenses, and earning capacity;
  • length of the marriage;
  • age;
  • standard of living established during the marriage;
  • mental and physical condition;
  • education and training;
  • monetary and non-monetary contributions to the marriage;
  • division of marital property and assets; and
  • tax ramifications.

After reviewing these factors, the court may decide to award one party spousal support.

There are four types of spousal support: 

  • in solido (lump sum);
  • in futuro (periodic);
  • transitional; and
  • rehabilitative.

With lump sum spousal support, one large amount will be paid at once.

Once the type of support is determined, the court will determine how much spousal support should be paid, based on the other party’s income and assets.

For more information, see Tennessee Alimony Law in Divorce | Answers to FAQs by a Memphis Lawyer.

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