05 Mar 2012

Lawyer’s Business Valuation Handbook | Recommended by Miles Mason

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Dr. Pratt’s book, The Lawyer’s Business Valuation Handbook, is my favorite book on business valuation written for lawyers.  I own two.  The first was autographed by Dr. Pratt.  The second, I use.  When writing my book, it was my goal to write The Forensic Accountant’s Deskbook to be as practical and useful as the Family Lawyer’s Handbook.

Memphis family lawyer, Miles Mason, Sr., JD, CPA, practices family law exclusively and is founder of the Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC. Miles is the author of The Forensic Accounting Deskbook: A Practical Guide to Financial Investigation and Analysis for Family Lawyers, published by the American Bar Association. FacebookLinkedInTwitterGoogle +

Miles Mason


Memphis divorce and family lawyer, Miles Mason, Sr. is the founder of Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC. For more information about our professional staff, see our Meet the Team page.


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