13 Jun 2012

How are joint bills divided in a Memphis divorce case?

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The dividing of joint bills is an important part of any divorce case. You would probably benefit from seeking experienced legal counsel. A Memphisdivorce lawyer can work with you to ensure the division is fair and right.

There are lots of decisions that must be made when a couple decides to end their marriage. Some of the most important involve the children and home. However, what happens to the bills is just as important.

The court can make a decision on the division of joint bills. However, this has no bearing on creditors and who they decide to go after. So if the judge decides that a bill is to be split evenly, the creditor can still go after the person whose name is on it or has a better chance of paying. This means that although one individual may have racked up the bill, the other one could be held responsible for payment.

It helps to go into the divorce case having a clear idea on what your joint bills are. You should gather up all of this information, including your most current credit report. If possible, cancel any joint accounts.

Negotiating and coming to an agreement on who will pay off or be responsible for your joint bills makes the process much easier. You may even benefit from having an indemnity clause attached to the final agreement. This will provide you more protection when your ex is responsible for a bill.

Contacting a Memphis Divorce Lawyer

The division of joint bills can get quite messy. This is why you should seek help from a lawyer, who will work with you to ensure your rights are taken into consideration.

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