12 Sep 2012

How Men Can Protect Their Assets During a Memphis Divorce

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Many men are frightened about the prospect of divorce. They have no doubt heard many stories about vengeful ex-wives who took all of their assets or charged tens of thousands of dollars on joint credit cards and left the husband to foot the bill. However, there are several things they can to do to minimize the damage and rightfully keep what they own.

The first step is to hire a Memphis divorce lawyer immediately. A Memphis divorce attorney for men can inform you of laws that pertain to your assets. He or she will also have you list everything you own and their values. You should include inheritances and family heirlooms. Your lawyer will help devise a plan where you secure all your assets before your ex-wife gets to them and claims them as hers. 

Make a list of all joint accounts and close them, including: 

  • credit cards;
  • car loans;
  • home equity accounts; and
  • joint bank accounts.

Reopen new bank accounts for your paycheck and any other direct deposits. A divorce can cause both parties to do mean-spirited things that hurt the other party emotionally and financially. Preserve your legal rights by contacting a Memphis divorce attorney for men. The Miles Mason Family Law Group can help you achieve your goals. Contact them today at 1-901-683-1850.

Miles Mason


Memphis divorce and family lawyer, Miles Mason, Sr. is the founder of Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC. For more information about our professional staff, see our Meet the Team page.


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