02 Jul 2012

I am no longer attracted to my spouse. Is this grounds for divorce in Memphis?

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A divorce case may be valid in the state of Tennessee when a husband or wife is no longer attracted to his or her spouse. A Memphis divorce lawyer can explain in more detail, but the state allows for irreconcilable differences, and your divorce case may fall under these grounds.

Several other reasons a spouse may have grounds for divorce in Memphis are: 

  • habitual drug or alcohol abuse;
  • an attempt to kill the other;
  • adultery;
  • bigamy;
  • impotence and the inability to have children;
  • conviction of a felony, resulting in confinement;
  • conviction of a crime that makes a spouse infamous;
  • absence from a spouse without a reasonable cause for one year;
  • spouse unwilling to move to Tennessee without a reasonable cause and being absent for two years;
  • pregnancy by another man at the time of marriage without the husband’s knowledge;
  • cruel or inhuman treatment toward the other, which makes living together unsafe and improper;
  • indignities to the other that are intolerable;
  • abandonment and negligence to provide for the other when able; and
  • the couple has not lived together as husband and wife for two or more years and there are no minor children.

Learn What You Need to Know From a Qualified Memphis Divorce Lawyer

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