06 Jul 2012

Is a Memphis dissolution agreement different from a typical divorce or separation agreement?

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Memphis Divorce Lawyer Answers Questions about Dissolution and Separation

Yes, there are differences between a dissolution agreement and a separation agreement. Although in Memphis, a divorce lawyer will call it a divorce; a dissolution agreement may be defined as a legal contract outlining the ending of a marriage. It is simply a divorce. There are no differences between a dissolution agreement and a divorce other than a play on semantics.

When the term dissolution agreement is used, it usually is referring to a no-fault divorce where both parties acknowledge and agree to the dissolving of the marriage.

A separation agreement, on the other hand, may be defined differently, depending on what it is referring to. The simple definition is an arrangement between a couple to live separately. This type of agreement typically is presented as the couple is going through the divorce process so that specific arrangements are set in place to protect each person’s rights.

In a separation agreement, your Memphis divorce lawyer can help construct a plan regarding you and your partner’s roles. This legal document may designate the rules for child support, custody arrangements, bill payments, separation of bank accounts, alimony and any other needs the two of you may have.

Keep in mind, a separation agreement is only considered legal if a petition for separation is filed with the court. Once this is done, its directives may be enforced by court order.

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