20 Apr 2012

Protect Yourself from Divorce Issues with the Help of a Memphis Divorce Lawyer

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No matter what type of divorce you are seeking, there are many Tennessee divorce issues you may run into that can cost you time, money and emotional damage. No one wants to drag out the divorce process, which is why many people seeking a divorce turn to the help of an experienced divorce lawyer to simplify the process. 

Initial Issues to Consider Before Filing for Divorce 

Even before you make the decision about what type of divorce you will seek, you need to understand your own limits. Take stock of all the things in your life that will be affected during the divorce process. Some of the areas to focus on include your: 

  • financial situation;
  • work hours or type of employment;
  • children or other dependents;
  • health and safety; and
  • emotional status. 

Knowing how much you can handle in each of these categories can help you determine how much help and preparation you will need to start the divorce process. After you have a good idea of where you stand, it’s time to meet with a divorce lawyer to discuss the potential divorce issues you may run into once the process begins. 

Financial Issues You May Encounter During the Divorce Process 

A main part of the divorce process revolves around your marital finances. This includes your financial accounts, debts, income and marital property, as well as any businesses you or your spouse have full or partial interest in. A common issue many divorcees run into when determining their initial assets is that they either omit important pieces of evidence or cannot provide the documentation to prove an interest in a particular item. 

If your spouse has the proper documentation to prove their right to your marital property and you have no counter-evidence to support your claim to the assets, you may find lose out on what is rightfully yours after separation.  

The matter of alimony is also a major area of negotiation for a divorce claim, especially if one spouse was the main income earner in the household. If either spouse makes a claim for alimony, the matter must be resolved to the approval of both parties before it can become part of the divorce settlement. 

Parental Issues You May Encounter During the Divorce Process 

If you have minor children with your spouse, there are many new issues that can arise when the matters of child support, custody and parental rights are brought into the divorce claim. Because you will most likely need to develop a custody plan and visitation agreement, you will need to prove that you are deserving of your children’s time and able to provide them with their emotional and life needs during that time. 

Child support is also often an area of argument when custody is split between parents. This ties in with your financial issues because you will need to provide your income history and financial needs of your child to support the request for child support payments from your spouse. 

Health and Safety Issues You May Encounter During the Divorce Process 

In some cases of contested divorce, your personal health and safety may be of concern during the settlement process. If you are filing for divorce on the grounds of abuse, neglect or domestic violence, you may need to seek additional help, such as a restraining order. You also will want to expedite the divorce process so you can get out of the dangerous situation as soon as possible. 

The negotiations and meetings during the divorce process can take a toll on your family, both mentally and physically. While you try to keep up with work, family and your personal life, you will have to work with your divorce lawyer, attending hearings and even other meetings like parenting classes or mediation sessions. 

It May Be Possible to Avoid Some Common Divorce Issues 

You should seek professional help for your divorce claim if you are looking to ease the stress a divorce can cause in your life. By working with an experienced divorce lawyer, you can have the attorney handle some of the more difficult aspects of the process, as well as help you prevent some of these issues from prolonging the settlement. 

Avoid Common Divorce Issues by Working with a Divorce Lawyer 

Running into some of the common divorce issues may be prevented by working with an experienced divorce lawyer. When divorce is the main focus of a lawyer’s practice, he or she can bring years of experience to your side and catch issues before they get out of hand and delay your settlement. 

At the Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC, our team is here to help you and your family through the divorce process with the highest respect and care. We focus on both the emotional and financial burdens you may face during this time and help ease the stress on your personal life. 

Our attorneys are professionals in both family law in Tennessee and in forensic accounting. We bring more than just emotional relief to our clients; we also help protect their financial future. To schedule a confidential consultation, contact our office – 1-901-683-1850.

Miles Mason


Memphis divorce and family lawyer, Miles Mason, Sr. is the founder of Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC. For more information about our professional staff, see our Meet the Team page.


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