22 May 2012

Tennessee to Implement Mandatory Jail Time for Repeat Domestic Violence Offenders

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The House of Representatives in Tennessee has approved a new law requiring domestic violence offenders to do mandatory jail time for repeat violations. Dubbed ‘House Bill 2389,’ the new measures include:

  • 30 days of jail time for a second conviction of domestic assault, and a fine between $350 and $3500; and
  • 90 days in jail for those convicted 3 or more times, with fines ranging from $1100 to $5000.

The bill seeks to curb the prevalence of domestic violence in Tennessee. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, domestic violence occurs in 1 in 3 families in Tennessee. By forcing repeat offenders to do mandatory jail time, the new law will provide victims of abuse the time that is needed to safely extricate themselves from the situation, make arrangements for residency, get medical treatment, apply for employment, and seek counselling.

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