30 Apr 2012

The Role of Your Tennessee Divorce Lawyer in a Collaborative Divorce

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The reason collaborative divorces typically resolve faster and cost less in legal fees is because they settle without the intervention of the courts. This means you can avoid lengthy trials that may take weeks or months to resolve. 

Before you even begin the collaborative divorce process, you’ll need a divorce lawyer to represent you during the negotiation and settlement process. Not just any divorce lawyer will do – collaborative divorce relies on having a good negotiator who is experienced with these types of cases. Make sure when you choose your lawyer that he or she has positive experience with these types of divorce cases. 

Your lawyer will enter into an agreement with the other lawyer to work toward resolving the case in an amicable and civil manner. Both lawyers will act upon their clients’ behalf to present the evidence and documentation necessary to draft the divorce decree that will be filed with the Clerk of Courts. 

If all of the terms of the divorce, such as alimony, division of marital property, and child custody are resolved in the decree, the divorce will be granted in a much shorter timeframe than a traditional divorce. 

While a collaborative divorce may seem simple, it’s still important to have an experienced divorce lawyer on your side. Especially for cases in which there are valuable assets at stake or the well being of minor children to consider, you need to make sure your family’s best interests are the top priority. 

Get Professional Help with Your Collaborative Divorce 

To protect your assets and family’s future, you never want to go into divorce proceedings alone. Your divorce lawyer is especially important in a collaborative divorce if you’re going to make it through the process with as little time and hassle as possible. 

At the Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC, our team is here to help you and your family through the divorce process with the highest respect and care. We focus on both the emotional and financial burdens you may face during this time and help ease the stress on your personal life. 

Our attorneys are professionals in both family law in Tennessee and in forensic accounting. We bring more than just emotional relief to our clients; we also help protect their financial future. To schedule a confidential consultation, contact our office – 1-901-683-1850.

Miles Mason


Memphis divorce and family lawyer, Miles Mason, Sr. is the founder of Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC. For more information about our professional staff, see our Meet the Team page.


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