07 Jul 2012

What are my rights as a husband during a divorce?

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Your rights as a husband during a divorce are equal to your wife’s rights regarding child custody, division of property, alimony and support agreements. Equal rights among genders have not always existed in divorce cases, however. In fact, according to the American Bar Association, until the 1990s, men’s rights and women’s rights differed in the divorce process. Things are different now, and a Collierville divorce attorney can help maintain balance.

Many fathers fear that the ex-wife will be favored for custody based on gender bias, which is why you will need an experienced attorney to ensure the decisions made for child custody are fair to you and your children. Unless the court finds you to be an unfit parent, you have the right to request custody of your children and have visitation if you are the non-custodial parent.

Alimony, or spousal support, is another area of divorce where many husbands are neglected. Alimony is not just for women; if a man is entitled to part of his ex-wife’s income, he has the right to seek it during the divorce settlement. This is especially important in cases where the husband cannot work due to disability or illness.

You should exercise your right to your fair share of marital property or assets from a jointly owned business. Assets that were jointly owned may be divided, and you have the right to protect assets that were solely in your name.

To make sure your rights as a divorcing husband are upheld, work with a Collierville divorce attorney who understands a man’s rights to fair representation, division of property, child custody and support.

Contact a Collierville Divorce Attorney to Protect Your Rights

You have certain rights in a divorce case just as your wife does, and you need to protect them. By working with a Collierville divorce attorney, you can prevent being taken advantage of during the settlement.

At the Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC, our team is here to help you and your family through the divorce process with the highest respect and care. Our attorneys are professionals in both family law and forensic accounting in Tennessee. We focus on both the emotional and financial burdens you may face during this time and help ease the stress on your personal life. To schedule a confidential consultation, contact our office – 1-901-683-1850.

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