03 Aug 2012

What are a woman’s rights during divorce?

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A woman’s rights during divorce will depend on the state in which she lives, if there are any children involved, and the amount of assets acquired during the marriage. Of concern during the process are separate property and martial property. Any property you owned before you got married will remain yours. However, any property you acquired during the marriage will be divided between you and your ex-husband.

If you have children, you have the right to pursue child custody. If you and your husband disagree about who the children should live with, the court will decide. If you are not granted full custody of the children, you will likely be granted visitation rights. If you are granted full custody, you have the right to receive child support from your ex-husband.

You may also be entitled to alimony based on your financial need, your ex-husband’s financial ability to provide it, and who the main wage earner was. This is often determined by the state you live in. If there was a prenuptial agreement in place, that may also determine what you are entitled to in the event of a divorce.

If you are going through a divorce, it is common to be worried about your rights and to what you may be entitled, especially as a woman. If your husband was the primary wage earner, you may be frightened about the prospect of living on your own with no financial support. Luckily, the court system is in place to ensure that all assets, property, and money acquired during the marriage are divided as fairly as possible so that both parties have some degree of financial support after the divorce.

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