02 Jul 2012

Memphis Divorce Lawyer Explains Common Myths about Legal Separation

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If you are contemplating divorce, it may seem to make sense to first go through a legal separation. However, there can be pros and cons to this, which a Memphis divorce lawyer can explain.

One of the common myths that individuals have about legal separation is that it’s necessary before you proceed with a divorce. Although the majority of couples separate prior to a divorce, most don’t take the steps to make it legal.

Another myth is that it’s cheaper to have a legal separation. But since this is a legally binding decision, you will need to pay legal fees. Then, once you are going through divorce proceedings, there will likely be additional costs.

There is also the myth that you can still receive health insurance benefits when you legally separate. Many states consider this to be the same as divorce, so you may not be covered.

Legal separation is often an unnecessary step because it is so similar to a divorce. It may actually deplete your finances and make the process even more difficult.

Just as there are myths surrounding legal separation, the same is true for divorce. Learn the top 10 divorce myths before you decide to proceed.

Contacting a Memphis Divorce Lawyer

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