21 Jun 2012

Memphis Divorce Lawyer Explains 5 Myths Regarding Mediation

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Not everyone comes to the table seeing eye-to-eye during a divorce. This is where mediation may help. To learn more about the benefits of mediation, you should seek legal counsel. A Memphis divorce lawyer with experience handling cases in which mediation is involved can help you understand what to expect.

Of course, there are a lot of myths surrounding mediation. Uncovering these can help you determine if this would be a good option for you.

The following are 5 divorce myths regarding mediation:

  • Mediators make decisions on what is best. They have no power to make a decision in a divorce; they help negotiate an agreement.
  • Someone is always at a disadvantage. Mediators recognize power struggles and will use tactics to stop it, or they may even end the mediation.
  • Mediation causes the divorce process to last longer. It almost always takes less time than it would to go through litigation.
  • Mediation is a waste of time. It’s not when it can help someone stand up for their rights and feel more confident, which is the case for many.
  • Lawyers aren’t necessary. Legal counsel can help coach you through negotiations and explain your rights and options.

In addition to myths surrounding mediation, there are other divorce myths that you should be aware of. These can help when you are dealing with such a difficult decision.

Contacting a Memphis Divorce Lawyer

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